explore information as a 3D structure


The monorepository contains packages implementing the plurid' technology to transform information into a 3D explorable structure based on the plurid specification.

With plurid', a grouping of related information (such as a web page, or a fragment of one) can now reside on a plane of content (a Plurid Plane) in a three-dimensional space (a Plurid Space).

The content of one Plurid Plane can be linked to another through the Plurid Link which at action (click, tap, hover) effectively generates a new plane of content in the same space.

The Plurid Space can be transformed, rotated, scaled, translated, in order to get a better grasp of the contextual links of the displayed information (text, images, videos, and so forth).

plurid' is being used extensively in the plurid' ∂products.

New applications leveraging the plurid' technology can be easily generated and developed through the assembler or programatically.

Plurid' Application

To generate a plurid' application programatically use the Command-Line Interface tool @plurid/generate-plurid-app (provided the NodeJS runtime is installed on the machine) by running the command

npx @plurid/generate-plurid-app

or install the Command-Line Interface tool @plurid/plurid-cli

npm install -g @plurid/plurid-cli

and run

plurid generate

A generated plurid' web application, or any other configured web application, can be easily deployed to using the [plurid-cli][plurid-cli] by simply runnning

plurid deploy