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Uniswap Clone Interface

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??‍? About the project

This project was developed with ReactJS, being a Dapp application (decentralized application) that replicates the Uniswap web application interface. With this interface it is possible to perform the real login connection with your MetaMask digital wallet previously installed in your browser.

After the connection is established with your MetaMask wallet, you will be able to read the address and, consequently, the ETH balance.

? Technologies

Technologies that I used to develop this frontend app

? Getting started


Follow the steps below

$ cd project

# Install the dependencies
$ yarn

# Run the web app
$ yarn start

? How to contribute

Follow the steps below

# Create a branch with your feature
$ git checkout -b your-feature

# Make the commit with your changes
$ git commit -m 'feat: Your new feature'

# Send the code to your remote branch
$ git push origin your-feature

After your pull request is merged, you can delete your branch


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