Urban Eatery

Good Food for Good Moments


Urban Eatery is an app where you can order your favourite food from the menu and Pay online using your credit card and enjoy the most delicious food at your doorsteps. Our main motivation is to “bring every foodie facility right at your doorsteps, providing you the full comfort”.

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Project Setup

  • Download and extract the Zip File.

# After that enter the server directory ( backend of our application )
cd server

# For installing backend dependencies run
npm install

# For starting Backend Server (Node Server)
npm start

# Now go back to previous directory
cd ..

# Again for installing frontend dependencies run
npm install

# For starting Frontend Server (React Server)
npm start

Admin access

Email   : admin@admin.com
Password: password

For the local environment, make a .env file in the Frontend folder and write:

REACT_APP_BASE_URL = "83Rvm1KbI2RniLFxI8VZM56Zrou2";

Or, In order to make yourself as admin, change the value of REACT_APP_BASE_URL with the firebase uid.

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