? Use Pub/Sub pattern inside your React applications easily!

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?   Demo

Like always, a counter as a demo: Counter Demo

?   Why

React has a declarative API and a unidirectional data flow, this is beatiful and changes a lot the way we write our frontend application, in fact, this changes everything. But, like a lot of things, React has good and bad parts. One of the bad ones, is that sometimes just make a simple communication between modules (internal or external), became hard to do that using props or states and in a lot of cases you will need a context/provider, some state management library or – in worst cases – prop dilling.

Because of that I’ve beeing used a very simple implementation of an old pattern called Pub/Sub inside my application when I have this type of problem.

⚠️ Disclaimer

This is not intended to replace your state management library or something else. Use this with caution or you can became your system very hard to debug.

?   Usage

  • Small. 1.3kb minified!
  • Extremely Simple. Just publishers and subscribers like old ways

Install as project dependency:

$ yarn add spacefold

Now you can start to create your publishers and subscribers

import { pub, sub, useSub } from 'spacefold'

const sayHi = pub<string>()

const loggerSub = sub({
  // This is extremely important, you need to register your events inside your
  // subscriber in order to be able to listen to them
  register: [sayHi],

const App = () => {
  const sub = useSub(loggerSub)

  sub.on(sayHi, (text) => {
    console.log(text) // Hi

  return (
      <button onClick={() => sayHi.send('Hi')}>Say Hi</button>

Yes, simple as that, just a subscriber and a publisher!

?   Contribute

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
  2. Install dependencies using Yarn: yarn install
  3. Make the necessary changes and ensure that the tests are passing using yarn test
  4. Send a pull request ?


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