Deta Auth

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As of February 2023, Deta Space has no native way to provide Space apps with certain information, such as:

  • Authentication state
  • App’s custom subdomain

Deta Auth by Sourfruit is a React Hook that pings a secure route, and in return provides you with either “true” or “false” in the auth.session object.

All it requires is the URL to a secure route. If a user is logged in, the route would return 200 and the auth.session object would return true. Consequently, if Deta Space returns 403, the auth.session object would return false.

By default, any route not defined in public_routes is secure and would be adequate for Deta Auth to ping.

Installation 🏗

You can install Deta Auth using either NPM or Yarn.

$ npm install deta-auth
$ yarn add deta-auth

Then, import it like this:

import useAuthState from 'deta-auth'

Setup 🛠

Define a secure API / page route for Deta Auth to ping:

 const { auth, loading, error } = useAuthState("/api/example")

You cannot provide it with a complete URL, just the path. NextJS’s built-in “hello.js” example API route is perfect to ping for authentication, and can be renamed “secure.js” if you want.

Usage 🔒

Following this example data structure: Example data structure that Deta Auth returns:

    "loading": false,
    "auth": {
        "session": true,
        "url": "",
    "error": null

You can access everything, and can be used in conjunction with ternary operators to control what users can see.

return (
        {auth.session ? (
        ) : ( 


return (
        {loading ? (
            <Loader />
        ) : ( 


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