NFT Explorer

Visualize ERC721 NFT Collections directly from the blockchain. An alternative to OpenSea/Rarible, etc.



  • Browse big collections (9,999+ of items) on a single page.
  • Navigation on the right side makes easier to find the position within the table and the remaining items on the list.
  • Only the data that is visualized is the data that is rendered. (Thanks to !)
  • Metadata and image download is also triggered only when the user is visualizing the current items to save bandwidth and improve loading times.
  • All the data is cached in localstorage to avoid unnecessary calls to the APIs and blockchain.
  • Optional CORS Proxy for full compatibility.
  • IPFS Gateway can be selected from a public server list.


CORS Proxy

Not all APIs add the correct CORS Headers to their requests, so an optional CORS Proxy can be used.

Tested with:

IPFS Gateway

The Gateway for IPFS can be selected on the options, please refer to for reference on the current status and connection speed.

Run locally

  • Clone this repo
  • Run yarn install to install dependencies.
  • Run yarn start to deploy local server.

Under the hood

  • React 17
  • TypeScript
  • React Window
  • Redux
  • Chakra UI
  • useDapp