What is Watcher?

An API manager built for a easier use to manage and collaborate on API calls. It is also a cross-platform application powered by the web that is being wrapped using Tauri framework in which you can run Watcher on Windows, MacOS, or Linux without having much trouble. Some Watcher’s features/roadmap in summary are:

  • Making Request (Of course!)
  • Directory Management
  • Workspace switch
  • Import from swagger
  • Import from more places!
  • Environment Variables Feature
  • Pre/Post request script
  • Tab Feature
  • Sync Feature
  • Flow Management

Watcher is currently under heavy development. You can give your suggestions and feedback on our Discussions page. If you feel comfortable in writing code using Typescript and Rust, we highly encourage you to contribute to this project.


If you want to install Watcher on your system, you can download the installer for your operating system on the release page. Please note that the current version is not stable yet, and you may encounter various bugs.

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Mobx
  • Tauri


If you want to run this project in your local system, please follow this guide:

  1. We use yarn to manage package and run scripts.

  2. Run yarn install to install dependencies.

  3. Run yarn start to start the react app running on port 3000 by default.

  4. Follow this guide to set up Tauri environment

  5. Run yarn tauri dev


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