Watcher website first look

This is what we are gonna make throughout the Hacktoberfest. Also do check out Watcher


ReactJS CSS3

Want to Contribute to Watcher ?


  • Don’t create a pull request on an issue that doesn’t exist, create an issue first and if the changes you are proposing are said to be okay, you can go ahead and create a pull request

  • Before starting to work on any issue make sure it’s assigned to you

  • Add the Issue you worked on in your Pull Request

  • Don’t work on the main branch, create your own branch

? How to Contribute

  • Take a look at the existing Issues or create a new issue!
  • Fork the Repo. Then, create a branch for any issue that you are working on. Finally, commit your work.
  • Create a Pull Request, which will be promptly reviewed and given suggestions for improvements by maintainers
  • Add screenshots or screen captures to your Pull Request to help us understand the effects of the changes proposed in your PR.


  1. Start by making a Fork of the Watcher-website repository.

  2. Clone your new fork of the repository in the terminal/CLI on your computer with the following command:

git clone<your-github-username>/Watcher-website
  1. Navigate to the newly created Code-Magic project directory:
cd Watcher-website
  1. Set upstream command:
git remote add upstream
  1. Create a new branch:
git checkout -b YourBranchName
  1. Sync your fork or your local repository with the origin repository:
  • In your forked repository, click on “Fetch upstream”
  • Click “Fetch and merge”

Alternatively, Git CLI way to Sync forked repository with origin repository:

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/main

Github Docs for Syncing

  1. Make your changes to the source code.

  2. Stage your changes and commit:

git add 
git commit -m "commitmessage"
  1. Push your local commits to the remote repository:
git push origin YourBranchName
  1. Create a Pull Request!

  2. Congratulations! You’ve made your first contribution to Watcher-website!

? Issues

In order to discuss changes, you are welcome to open an issue about what you would like to contribute. Enhancements are always encouraged and appreciated.


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