Glitcher web

Upload a WAV loop, get a glitched broken new WAV.

This project written in Typescript has been made with ffmpeg-wasm (through a confidential fork that indirectly fixes a browser crash), using React via NextJS. Style is done with tailwindcss. The code is deployed on Vercel thanks to Github actions. The glitch beat generation process is done thanks to the indestructible ffmpeg.

The code is open source. Feel free to contribute! Please note that the glitch beat generation process is done in the browser, so it might be slow and crash often.

More glitch patterns coming soon (and more example patterns). I will add a changelog soon.

I made this project because I love making broken music tracks with glitched drum loops. I sometimes use recurrent patterns, and I wanted to make a tool to make it available. I first tried to make it with Sonic PI, but it was not that simple since it needed to install the program and then edit the code to change the sample. So I decided to create this simple “online drum loop glitcher” tool in 3 steps (go to site, upload, download, done). Also, I love writing procedural generation tools.

Any questions or suggestions? Contact: [email protected]. I would be glad to have your feedback!