WebRTC based peer to peer video calling and messaging web app build with MERN stack.


Libraries used

  • React for frontend
  • as signaling server and realtime communication
  • simple-peer for peer-to-peer WebRTC connections
  • Express as server
  • MongoDB for persistance of data
  • Material UI for creating ui
  • Redux for state management
  • Typescript for type safety, cure for headache you get when props are flowing all over the app with no hint


  • User authentication and authorization
  • Audio and Video Chat
  • Messaging with storage of messages in the database
  • Sending invitation to friends
  • Able to accept or reject an invitation
  • Online indicator
  • Notify on typing
  • Sceen sharing

and more….


  1. Clone project
git clone [email protected]:saalikmubeen/talkhouse.git


If you dont’t have docker installed, or don’t know how to docker, [who doesn’t know docker in the first place ?]

cd into root project

1. cd server

npm install to to install server dependencies

Setup required environment variables:


npm run dev to start development server with nodemon

Make sure you have mongoDB installed

1. cd client

npm install installs client dependencies.

npm run start to start the react development server.


Running project through docker is recommended. You don’t have to do any setup. Just one docker-compose command and boom project is up and running ?

docker-compose up --build

Make sure you have docker installed


  • Enable group vdeo and messaging functionality
  • Implement confirm email, reset password and email sending on friend invitation, Not a big deal to implement, just a little lazy to implement it
  • Allow end to end encryption of messages
  • Enhace the UI. I hate CSS, not that good at it ??


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