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Post news anonymously and expose the hidden truth!

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❓ About

Whistle blower is an anonymous social media like reddit where people can login and post any news related to world news.

? Live Demo:

Whistle Blower

⚡ Technology Used:

Frontend: ReactJS, ContextAPI, CSS Backend: NodeJS, Express, Axios Database: MongoDB

?️ About the project:

  1. The backend of project is hosted on railway, You can find the backend api at https://whistleblower-backend-production.up.railway.app/
  2. The backend and frontend are connected using proxy link, you can find this at the end of package.json as well as in .env files.
  3. To run the website on your local machine, just clone it, open the terminal and type cd client to enter the client folder. Next type yarn install to install the dependencies and then run yarn start to open it on localhost:3000 of your machine.
  4. If you have any queries or suggestions related to the codebase or contributing, make sure to hmu on Discord. Lord Skeleton#6838

? How to contribute?

If you wish to contribute to the project, check out Issues section, select a issue that you might be able to solve and comment on it. Once you have received an affirmative response from the maintainer, it will be assigned to you. Next, you can check out CONTRIBUTING.md to know how to make contributions.

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