Components and utilities for building reactive user interfaces ?

Let your data build your UI. Blazing-fast, reactive user interfaces with native Astro components and architecture.

Packages Version Docs Description
astro-reactive-form npm ? generate a dynamic form which can be modified programatically
astro-reactive-validator ? ? set of utilities for validating inputs
astro-reactive-datagrid ? ? generate a dynamic datagrid or table of values


Hacktoberfest has begun! ?

Any contribution is welcome. See our contributing guide, and feel free to look around to find something that interests you. ?

Maybe add some themes to our form component? Or maybe an improvement for the README?

The issues page contains some ideas, but they should not limit your contribution.

If you don’t find anything there, I’m happy to help you get your contribution in.

You can always create a new issue for your own idea, email me or message me on Twitter (@ayoayco).

Running locally

We mainly use the demo app to see changes we make on the packages. Do the following to start hacking:

  1. Fork the project then clone to your computer
git clone [email protected]:<your-user-name>/astro-reactive-library.git
  1. Go into the project directory
cd astro-reactive-library
  1. Install the node dependencies
npm i
  1. Run the demo application
npm start
  1. Open the demo application on you browser. Browse to the address:
  1. To run the tests:
npm test

Please report issues and suggestions


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