Windstitch is a 1.2kB, Simple Styling Library that helps you set when a className should be applied to a component.

By providing Powerful Types through forward declarations, Windstitch aims to be simple yet powerful by limiting itself to be a organizer API, letting Tailwind handle the styling part.



Install Windstitch from your terminal via npm or yarn.

# With npm
npm install windstitch

# With yarn
yarn add windstitch

Import it

Import styled from windstitch.

import { styled } from 'windstitch';

You can also import w, which works as an alias for styled

import { w } from 'windstitch';

Use it

Use the w function to create a component and add styles to it.

import { w } from '@wind/react';

const Button = w.button('text-sm', {
  variants: {
    color: {
      red: 'text-red-500',
      blue: 'text-blue-500',
    size: {
      small: 'text-sm',
      large: 'text-lg',
  defaultProps: {
    size: 'small',
type ButtonProps = W.infer<typeof Button>;
// { color: 'red' | 'blue', size?: 'small' | 'large' }