Implement easily customize out of the box. Work with a vast number of pre-maid react button themes



npm i react-easy-button

# Yarn
yarn add react-easy-button

# Pnpm 
pnpm add react-easy-button

Simple example

import React from 'react'
import {EasyButton} from 'react-easy-button';

const Button: React.FC = () => {
    return (
	<EasyButton label="Press me" />

Custom style


Note: If theme is not equal to custom it will not work

If the style is provided through style prop it will reset previous styles & apply provided style. In this example below button will only have color & background color style. The rest of the styles will be reset. To avoid this use extendStyle prop.

<EasyButton label="Press me" style={{color: "#242424", backgroundColor: "#fcfcfc"}} />

Extend styles

It will keep all previous styles & only change provided styles. It will work for all themes

<EasyButton label="Press me" extendStyle={{color: "#242424", backgroundColor: "#fcfcfc"}} />

EasyButton props

Attributes Type Default value Description
label string undefined Required. If not provided, will throw error.
title string undefined Optional. Title attribute of html button tag.
theme string primary Optional. Available themes (custom, error, success, warn, purple, pink, primary)
debounceTimeout number 0 Optional. Delaytime in ms (eg. 100 = 100ms))
disabled boolean false Optional
style object undefined Optional. If provided & theme === "custom" then only provided style will be applyed
extendStyle object undefined Optional. If provided, will change only provided styles. eg. theme="purple" & extendStyle={{border: “2px solid purple”}} it will keep theme styles with provided style border: "2px solid purple"“”
hoverStyle object undefined Optional. If mouse entered then provided style will applied
extendHoverStyle object undefined Optional. Provided styles will be applied if mouse entered.
easyRef object undefined Optional. Will return referance of the button
onClick function undefined Optional. Will run the function if button is clicked
onHover function undefined Optional. Will run the function if mouse cursor hovered on the button
onFocus function undefined Optional. Will run the function if button is focused




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