Youtube clone app using react js , rapid api, axios, vite.js

Steps To Generate PR(Pull Request)

  • (Star ⭐ & Fork ?️) this repository.
  • Follow brijesh get it merged fast.

Fork this repository

Fork this repository by clicking on the fork button on the top of this page. This will create a copy of this repository in your account.

Clone the repository

Now clone the forked repository to your system. Go to your GitHub account, open the forked repository, click on the code button and then clone the repository.

if you want to use the terminal, use the following command:

git clone

Steps To start project

npm install 
npm run dev

use React.js to add something in this project

Create a branch

Then create a branch on your local repository to solve a problem.

terminal command

git checkout -b your_new_branch_name

Add & commit

Add your changes(folder) to that branch.

Make necessary changes and commit those changes.

terminal commands

git add .
git commit -m "your-commit-message"

Push changes to GitHub

Finally push your local repository to remote repository Compare & Submit a Pull Request

terminal commands

git push origin <branch-name>

Then go to your repository on GitHub, you’ll see a Compare & Pull request button. By clicking on that button you can submit your PR.

Have a great time.


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