Sweet Build Status Sweet (a play on, localhost) is a tastefully simple app for getting the domain or IP address of any website you can imagine, using ipinfo.io and googlemaps api’s.

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I’ve always thought tools like speedtest.net that return your specific network information and location to be super cool, so I wanted to figure out how they actually work!


  • RESTish API (not fully RESTful, only serves GET, POST requests) GET request to the /api endpoint returns a JSON response for your own IP, and a POST request to the /api endpoint, which must include the domain/ IP as the variable “body” in the JSON form body, returns a JSON response for the requested domain.
  • Returns and maps the domain/ IP location information on Google Maps along with additional meta-data related to the IP
  • GET endpoint: https://home-sweet-home-ip.herokuapp.com/api
  • POST endpoint: https://home-sweet-home-ip.herokuapp.com/api with {“body” : “domain”} as request.body


  • React and JavaScript on the frontend
  • Styled with React-Bootstrap
  • NodeJS for runtime environment
  • Express for the server
  • Axios for promise-based requests to external APIs
  • IPInfo.io and GoogleMaps APIs for data
  • Hosted with Heroku
  • Git and Github for version control
  • Travis for continuous integration


Clone the repository and create a .env file in the project root and add in your api keys from IPinfo.io and GoogleMapsAPI


To deploy locally and run server and client with concurrently:

npm run dev


The project is licensed under the MIT License.


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