Bringing 3D graph view to Obsidian using react-force-graph. Obsidian-3d-graph-view-plugin


This plugin is under very early stage of development and has a large number of issues. It is not recommended to use this plugin for non-development purposes.

I may not have time to finish this project. Feel free to fork or clone this repo.

Setup for development

  • Clone this repo to your-obsidian-vault/.obsidian/plugins folder.
  • npm i or yarn to install dependencies.
  • npm run dev to start compilation in watch mode.


  • download main.js, manifest.json, styles.css from releases.
  • put all three files in your-obsidian-vault/.obsidian/plugins/obsidian-3d-graph-view-plugin
  • open Obsidian, toggle Obsidian-3d-graph-view-plugin from Settings -> Third-party plugins


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