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backstage-grpc-playground is a backstage plugin ported from BloomRPC which is an Electron application. We modified some of the original code to make this compatible with Backstage entity. See Compare to BloomRPC

This repo contains React frontend plugin. For the backend plugin, please checkout backstage-grpc-playground-backend


  • Backstage ^1.1.0
  • Node.JS 14 | 16

Methods supported

  • Unary
  • Client streaming
  • Server streaming

Not supported (yet)

We are currently not supporting


Install backstage-grpc-playground for packages/app

E.g: In your backstage project root

yarn --cwd packages/app add backstage-grpc-playground


Customize ApiDoc to use backstage-grpc-playground for grpc type

// packages/app/src/apis.ts
import { GrpcPlaygroundComponent } from 'backstage-grpc-playground';

// your code
// ...

export const apis: AnyApiFactory[] = [
  // other apis 
  // ...
    api: apiDocsConfigRef,
    deps: {},
    factory: () => {
      // load the default widgets
      const definitionWidgets = defaultDefinitionWidgets();

      return {
        getApiDefinitionWidget: (apiEntity: ApiEntity) => {
          // custom rendering for grpc
          if (apiEntity.spec.type === 'grpc') {
            return {
              type: 'grpc',
              title: 'gRPC Playground',
              component: GrpcPlaygroundComponent
          // fallback to the defaults
          return definitionWidgets.find(d => d.type === apiEntity.spec.type);

A path /grpc-playground in backstage application

// packages/app/src/App.tsx
import { GrpcPlaygroundPage } from 'backstage-grpc-playground'

// your code
// ...

const routes = (
    // other routes 
    // ...
    <Route path="/grpc-playground" element={<GrpcPlaygroundPage />} />

Example importing API definition from Github examples/yaml-definition/unary.yaml

import API

Compare to BloomRPC

  • Load proto files from defined entity spec (learn more at examples), creating clients and send gRPC requests at backstage backend
  • Proto files are contained in backend (default /packages/backend/proto)
  • Removed “Import from server reflection” See issue
  • Removed “Add import paths” button
  • Removed “gRPC-web” switch
  • Missing imports warning, allow user to upload folder
    • User upload a file “employee.proto” that imports “common.proto” missing import 1

    • User upload a file “account.proto” that imports some google-apis proto files. In this case user should import google folder missing import 2

Yaml file definition

See yaml-definition



call 1

See example


call 1

See example



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