VRST Boilerplate

Vrst stands for Vite, React, Styed-Components, TypeScript.


Choose an option:

  • Download as .ZIP then extract/unzip.
    • Rename the folder to your project's name.
  • Clone the repo — git clone https://github.com/zomeru/vrst-boilerplate.git <project-name>
    • Replace the <project-name> with the title of your project.

Quick Start

  • Change directory to your project:
cd <project-name>
  • Install the dependencies:
# for npm
npm install or npm i

# start dev server
npm run dev
# for yarn
yarn install or yarn

# start dev server
yarn dev
  • Reinitialize the git repository (optional).
# this will remove the existing remote
rm -rf .git

# initialize an empty git repository
git init


  • Removed CSS files.
  • Code structure.
  • CSS reset using styled-components GlobalStyles
  • Poppins as default font