React Simple Table2

A clean, composable, mobile-friendly table library for React

Really? Another React table library ??

Wait! Before you dismiss this one, hear me out.

A lot of React “table” implementations function more or less like a data-grid spreadsheet-like components with several features like editing, reordering rows and columns, in-table filtering, grouping and so much more. Don’t get us wrong. This isn’t a bad thing. Data grids are feature-rich for the reasons they exist.

However, for a large chunk of apps, a lot of these features aren’t required and just add a lot of boilerplate code (and in some-cases even dealing with reducers for state management) to the component’s setup. This issue is amplified if a lot of simple tables are needed in these apps.

React Simple Table2 is just that; a table with simple but intuitive cell value rendering. It simplifies React tables without sacrificing customization options.

It also spits out a table with standard HTML semantics: table, thead , tbody, tr, th and td elements which allow you to easily target for custom styling.


Visit the project website for the full documentation and a CodeSandbox demo.


React Simple Table2 marks React and StyledComponents as peer dependencies.

yarn add react styled-components react-simple-table2


import advancedFormat from "dayjs/plugin/advancedFormat";
import djs from "dayjs";
import { randEmail, randFullName, randPastDate } from "@ngneat/falso";


// Generate mock data for our table
const data = Array(20)
  .map(() => {
    const date = randPastDate();
    return {
      name: randFullName(),
      contact: {
        email: randEmail()
      dob: {
        year: date.getFullYear(),
        month: date.getMonth(),
        day: date.getDate()

function App() {
  return (
      dataKeyFn={item => item?.name || "empty"}
        ["name", "Name", "name"],
        ["email", "Email", ""],
          <i>Date Of Birth</i>,
          item =>
              "Do MMMM YYYY"



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