->It is a combined web app for Weather update & Stock market. ->It is made using React and Chakra UI. Web capture_31-12-2022_182236_localhost ->User can check Weather updates of any city by typing city name. OpenWeatherApi is used here. Web capture_31-12-2022_182257_localhost ->User can switch theme to light mode and dark mode. Web capture_31-12-2022_182322_localhost ->User can switch between stock market and weather app by using Drawer tab. Web capture_31-12-2022_182452_localhost ->IN Stock market section user can view historical data of a stock through line graph and can also choose period of time to which data is viewed. AlphaVantage API is used here. ->IN stock market section user can view petrol and diesel price of the day daily-petrol-diesel-price api from rapid.api is used.


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