This is an online automated ticket reservation system for football matches in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The system allows a manager to create, manage, and maintain current and future matches.

The system also allows the customers to reserve specific seats for the matches they want to attend.

The system is used by specific managers to keep track of matches schedules, number of attendees, match officials and the registered users


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✨ Features

for user

  • Sign up either as a Fan or manager then admin will approve your account
  • edit user information
  • Show All matches events
  • View vacant/reserved seats for each match.
  • Reserve a seat for a match & paymanet integration with paypal
  • show all user reservations
  • cancel reservation with paypal refund
  • show stadiums information

for manager

  • Create a match Event (only manager)
  • edit any matche events (only manager)
  • add new stadium (only manager)

for Admin

  • show all users with their roles
  • assign role as manager to any user
  • delete user

💻Technologies Used

  • React
  • React-Router dom
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Axios
  • react-paypal
  • react-bootstrap
  • react-toastify

🏁Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/omar214/FIFA-X.git
  1. Go to the directory of the repository

  1. to run frontend


yarn start

🎥 Demo


🎥 screenshots

Home Page

Home Page Home Page Home Page Home Page

Log in

Log in

Sign up

Sign up

Matches Page

match Page match Page match Page match Page

User Reservation

user Reservation Page

Stadiums page

Stadiums page Stadiums page

All users

All users Page All users Page

User Profile

User Profile Page

Add new match (for manager)

Add new match

Add new Stadium (for manager)

Add new stadium


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