Property DAPP

A Dapp built with react which uses web3.js to interact with solidity smart contracts hosted on the rinkeby blockchain.


  • App.js file holds a single page application
  • Smart contract functions
    • loadWeb3 – initialize web3 and contracts
    • getInitialData – get property and purchase lists
    • buyProperty – new buy property transaction on the blockchain
    • setPropertyAvailability – modify availability of property on the blockchain


Contracts are located in the src/contracts folder

  • Registry.sol
  • Property.sol

The ABIs for the contracts are located in src/abis folder


  • Install node.js
  • Run npm install from project root to install packages
  • Create a .env file in project root like the following and put your contract addresses

  • Install metamask, setup account
  • Set network on metamask to ‘Rinkeby Test Network’ (if you deployed smart contracts to rinkeby). Might need to enable test networks in settings.
  • Run npm start to run server and visit http://locahost:3000/
  • Should get prompted by metamask to connect to the website. Accept it and you’re good to go!


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