React Chartlet

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A dead simple and tiny React charting library


yarn add react-chartlet

Supported Charts

  • Sparkline
  • Pie
  • Bar
  • Line



import { Sparkline } from 'react-chartlet'

const YourPage = () => (
    data={[2, 5, 3, 8, 1]}

export default YourPage

API Reference


Property Type Default Description
data array [] An array of numbers
width string CSS width of your chart
height string 100% CSS height of your chart
min number smallest datapoint in data array The minimum value on the y axis
max number largest datapoint in data array The maximum value on the y axis
margin number or object { top: 5, bottom: 5 } Margin between the border of the chart and the line, either as a number to set all sides, or an object to set specific sides, like { top: 5, right: 5, bottom: 5, left: 5 }
style object {} Directly set the style object of the svg container
lineStyle object {} Set the style object of the line


To test the components in this library, follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the repo onto your machine
  2. Run yarn to install dependencies
  3. Run yarn storybook to start Storybook

You can set up stories to test components using this documentation


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