To React Hilla

This project can be used as a starting point to create Hilla application with Spring Boot. It contains all the necessary configuration and some placeholder files to get you started.

Getting Started

You can clone this project from GitHub using the following command :

git clone

or You can create a new Hilla project using the Vaadin CLI :

npx @vaadin/cli init --hilla my-hilla-app

You can also create a project with the basic security configuration added to it using the --auth option :

npx @vaadin/cli init --hilla my-hilla-app --auth

Running the application

The project is a standard Maven project. To run it from the command line, type mvnw (Windows), or ./mvnw (Mac & Linux), then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

You can also import the project to your IDE of choice as you would with any Maven project.

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