Search analyzer

A graphical user interface for the Elasticsearch Analyze API

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It is useful to test built-in analyzers as well as custom analyzers. It can be used to formulate new custom analyzers combining tokenizers and filters.


  • Analyze text using built-in analyzers
  • Analyze text using a custom index analyzer
  • Analyze text by using an existing field’s analyzer
  • Analyze text using from an existing tokenizer and one or more existing filters (built-in or added to the index settings)


  • Allow users to provide Tokenizer parameters and Filter Parameters

Elasticsearch Configuration

This tool needs to have http access to an Elasticsearch node. Elasticsearch security configuration needs to be relaxed to allow cross-domain requests and to allow non-https requests.

Below are the most-permisive elasticsearch.yaml settings. Do not use these values in a production cluster.

Disabling ssl might not be necessary if you don’t intend to clone, build, and host this repo locally.
  enabled: false
http.cors.enabled: true
http.cors.allow-origin: '*'


The app was initialized with Create React App. It is deployed to Github Pages using the gh-pages package.


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