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Fork and Clone Repository

  1. Visit the Repository to the Project on Github Website: https://github.com/zuri-training/AuthWiki_Team9

  2. Fork the repository: Click the “Fork” button on the upper right corner of the Repo page.

  3. Make a Local Clone: Clone the forked repository to your local machine (computer)

    • Click on the “Code” button on the Repo page
    • Copy the URL for the forked Repo “https://github.com/github_username/AuthWiki_Team9.git
    • Create a Folder on your Local machine / Computer for the project Workspace
    • Open Command prompt / Terminal in the same folder location
    • In your Terminal, type: git clone https://github.com/github_username/AuthWiki_Team9.git

Add “Remote To” and “Pull From” Upstream

  1. Add a Remote to Upstream to your Repo:
    • In your terminal, type: git clone https://github.com/github_username/AuthWiki_Team9.git
  2. Pull from upstream to download all changes in the project using git pull upstream main

Finish assigned Task / Issue

  1. Open the Project up in your code Editor

  2. Complete your assigned task / Feature on your local machine.

  3. When you are ready to add and push your feature / task to the Repo,

    • Add your changes using: git add file_name
    • Commit your changes to the branch with a message using git commit -m "Commit message"

Push New Branch to “Origin” Repository

  1. To make sure there are no conflict, Pull from upstream using git pull upstream main
  2. Push your branch changes to the Repo using git push upstream main

Create Pull Request

  1. Once you push the changes to your repo, the Compare & pull request button will appear in GitHub page of your repo.
  2. Click the button and make your request. Leave a comment in your request
  3. Click Create pull request to open a new pull request

If you are asked to make changes on the same feature, repeat steps 8 to 13 to add more commits to your pull request.


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