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Instagram Clone project using Redux

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Before starting, you need to install in your machines the following tools: Git, Node.js. Besides that, is good to have a good code editor as VSCode

? Running the application

# Clone this repository
$ git clone <>

# Access the project folder using terminal/cmd
$ cd instagram_clone_22

# Install the dependencies
$ npm install

# Run the Fake API on local server using the terminal/cmd
$ json-server --watch api.json --port 4000

# The Fake API server will start on port:4000 - access <http://localhost:4000>

# Execute the aplication on development mode
$ npm start

# The server will start on port:3000 - access <http://localhost:3000>

? Technologies

The following tools were used on this project:

? Author

Leandro Nunes ?

Made with ❤️ by Leandro Nunes

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