? LittleLink-Server

LittleLink is a lightweight DIY alternative to services like Linktree and many.link.

Inspired by littlelink.


? What is LittleLink-Server?

LittleLink-Server is based on the great work from littlelink, a lightweight DIY alternative to services like Linktree and many.link. LittleLink and LittleLink-Server is built using Skeleton, a dead simple, responsive boilerplate—we just stripped out some additional code you wouldn’t need and added in branded styles for popular services. ?

It takes the same simple approach to a link page and hosts it within a NodeJS server with React Server Side Rendering, containerized for you to use. Now, customizing LittleLink with littlelink-server is as easy as passing in some environment variables. If you need help configuring this, please see this video at explains everything and a live example at technotim.live.

⭐ Features

  • Over 60+ brand buttons with more able to be requested
  • Customisable Themes
  • Analytics Support
  • Health Check Support
  • A fully customisable docker-compose

? Getting Started

Check the docker-compose.yml file for all supported buttons and configuration!

The example below will generate a site exactly like https://technotim.live

Using Docker-Compose

version: "3.0"
    image: ghcr.io/techno-tim/littlelink-server:latest
    # dockerhub is also supported timothystewart6/littlelink-server
    # image: timothystewart6/littlelink-server:latest
    container_name: littlelink-server
      - META_TITLE=Techno Tim
      - META_DESCRIPTION=Software Engineer | Gamer | Twitch Streamer | Content Creator on YouTube | Homelab | ?? ??  | Full Nerd
      - META_AUTHOR=Techno Tim
      - META_KEYWORDS=HomeLab, HTML, CSS, Engineering
      - LANG=en
      - OG_SITE_NAME=Techno Tim
      - OG_TITLE=Techno Tim
      - OG_DESCRIPTION=The home of Techno Tim
      - OG_URL=https://technotim.live
      - OG_IMAGE=https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_400x400.jpg
      - OG_IMAGE_WIDTH=400
      - OG_IMAGE_HEIGHT=400
      - THEME=Dark
      - FAVICON_URL=https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_200x200.jpg
      - AVATAR_URL=https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_200x200.jpg
      - AVATAR_2X_URL=https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_400x400.jpg
      - AVATAR_ALT=Techno Tim Profile Pic
      - NAME=TechnoTim
      - BIO=Hey! Just a place where you can connect with me!
      # use ENV variable names for order, listed buttons will be boosted to the top
      # you can render an unlimited amount of custom buttons by adding 
      # the CUSTOM_BUTTON_* variables and by using a comma as a separator.
      - CUSTOM_BUTTON_TEXT=Documentation,Recommended Gear
      - CUSTOM_BUTTON_URL=https://l.technotim.live/docs,https://l.technotim.live/gear
      - CUSTOM_BUTTON_COLOR=#000000,#000000
      - CUSTOM_BUTTON_TEXT_COLOR=#ffffff,#ffffff
      - CUSTOM_BUTTON_ALT_TEXT=Tech documentation site for my videos and more,Recommended Gear
      - CUSTOM_BUTTON_ICON=fas file-alt,fas fa-cog
      - GITHUB=https://l.technotim.live/github
      - TWITTER=https://l.technotim.live/twitter
      - INSTAGRAM=https://l.technotim.live/instagram
      - YOUTUBE=https://l.technotim.live/subscribe
      - TWITCH=https://l.technotim.live/twitch
      - DISCORD=https://l.technotim.live/discord
      - TIKTOK=https://l.technotim.live/tiktok
      - FACEBOOK=https://l.technotim.live/facebook
      - PATREON=https://l.technotim.live/patreon
      - FOOTER=Techno Tim © 2022
      - 8080:3000
    restart: unless-stopped
      - no-new-privileges:true

Using Docker

docker run -d \
  --name=littlelink-server \
  -p 8080:3000 \
  -e META_TITLE='Techno Tim' \
  -e META_DESCRIPTION='Techno Tim Link page' \
  -e META_AUTHOR='Techno Tim' \
  -e META_KEYWORDS='HomeLab, HTML, CSS, Engineering' \
  -e LANG=en \
  -e META_INDEX_STATUS='noindex' \
  -e THEME='Dark' \
  -e FAVICON_URL='https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_200x200.jpg' \
  -e AVATAR_URL='https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_200x200.jpg' \
  -e AVATAR_2X_URL='https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1286144221217316864/qIAsKOpB_400x400.jpg' \
  -e AVATAR_ALT='Techno Tim Profile Pic' \
  -e NAME='TechnoTim' \
  -e BIO='Hey! Just a place where you can connect with me!' \
  -e GITHUB='https://l.technotim.live/github' \
  -e TWITTER='https://l.technotim.live/twitter' \
  -e INSTAGRAM='https://www.instagram.com/techno.tim' \
  -e YOUTUBE='https://l.technotim.live/subscribe' \
  -e TWITCH='https://l.technotim.live/twitch' \
  -e DISCORD='https://l.technotim.live/discord' \
  -e TIKTOK='https://l.technotim.live/discord' \
  -e KIT='https://l.technotim.live/gear' \
  -e FOOTER=Techno Tim © 2022 \
  --restart unless-stopped \

Using Kubernetes

Unofficial helm chart provided by k8s-at-home

helm repo add k8s-at-home https://k8s-at-home.com/charts/
helm repo update
helm install littlelink-server \
  --set env.TZ="America/New York" \
  --set env.META_TITLE="TechnoTim"

Or use a values.yaml files

helm install littlelink-server k8s-at-home/littlelink-server -f values.yaml

? Configuration

Analytics Support

Google Analytics

See Getting Started with Analytics. After getting your GA Tracking Id, use your tracking Id as environment variable like GA_TRACKING_ID=G-XXXXXXXXXX (See the example below)

All buttons clicked will be tracked automatically if GA_TRACKING_ID exists.

Sample event for YouTube button.

  window.gtag('event', 'youtube-button');


See Adding a website & Collecting data page to add and generate your tracking code.

Generated tracking code should look like:

<script async defer data-website-id="00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444444" src="https://your-umami-app.com/umami.js"></script>

Use data-website-id as environment variable UMAMI_WEBSITE_ID and src as UMAMI_APP_URL.

Sample event for YouTube button.



See Installing Matomo fo how to configure analytics and how to find your site id

Use MATOMO_URL for your URL and MATOMO_SITE_ID for your site id

Sample event for YouTube button.

  window._paq.push(['trackEvent', 'youtube-button']]);

Health Check

A health check endpoint exists on /healthcheck. If healthy, it will return with a 200 and the following response:

  "status": "ok"

To skip express from logging these calls, add the environment variable:



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