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React ios time picker


A modern time picker for your next React app.

  • Supports virtually any language
  • No moment.js needed
  • Zero dependencies and lightweight


npm install react-ios-time-picker


import React, { useState } from 'react';
import { TimePicker } from 'react-ios-time-picker';

export default const  MyApp = () => {
   const [value, setValue] = useState('10:00');

   const onChange = (timeValue) => {

   return (
         <TimePicker onChange={onChange} value={value} />


Name Type Default Description
value String n/a Current value.
cellHeight Number 35 The height of the cell number.
placeHolder String "Selet_time" Time input’s placeholder.
pickerDefaultValue String "00:00" The initial value that the picker begin with in the first time.
disabled Boolean false Whether picker is disabled.
isOpen Boolean false Whether the time picker should be opened.
required Boolean false Whether time input should be required.
cancelButtonText String "Cancel" Cancel button text content
saveButtonText String "Save" Save button text content
controllers Boolean true Whether the buttons should be displayed
seperator Boolean true whether show the colon seperator
id String n/a Input time picker id
onChange (value) => alert ('New time is: ', value) n/a Called when select a different value
onSave (value) => alert ('Time saved is: ', value) n/a When the user clicks on save button
onClose () => alert('Clock closed') n/a When the user clicks on cancel button

Contributions Welcome!

git clone
cd react-ios-time-picker


The MIT License.


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