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The Strelka Web UI is a browser / API based file submission frontend for the Strelka Enterprise File Scanner. This application allows users to easily submit files to a Strelka cluster and review historical response results.

Strelka UI Results Page

Strelka UI Results Page


The file submission UI provides the following features:

  • Submit files to a Strelka cluster and examine responses from your browser.
  • Store and review previous submission results and activity in either a local or remote database.
  • Support for LDAP Authentication


Quick Start

By default, the Strelka UI is configured to use a minimal “quickstart” deployment that allows users to test the system. This deployment will target a local Strelka instance and start a local database. Users will be able to access this system with whatever username / password they want. For additional information on targeting a remote Strelka instance, database, or using LDAP for authentication, see the Additional Setup section:

Step 0: Ensure a Strelka Cluster is Ready

Start or ensure Strelka cluster is ready and accessible.
See for more information.

Step 1: (Required Only for First Launch): Initialize Database

# Terminal 2
# Setup a Virtual Python Environment
# From the ./strelka-ui directory

$ python3 -m venv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip3 install -r app/requirements.txt

# Initialize database 
$ python3 app/ db init
$ python3 app/ db migrate
$ python3 app/ db upgrade

Step 2: Build and Start Strelka UI (Docker)

# Terminal 1
# From the ./strelka-ui directory
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml up

Step 3: Access Strelka UI

1) Open A Browser
2) Navigate to
3) Login with:
    - Username: strelka
    - Password: strelka

Additional Steps

This section provides details on how to target a remote Strelka instance, a remote database for storage, and an LDAP server for authentication for more secure use. To enable these, you can use environment variables to override the defaults.

Environment Variable Configuration

Backend configuration is provided through environment variables and can be set statically in

Running locally, the precedence of config is: System environment -> .env -> Running in Docker, the precedence of config is: Docker environment -> System environment ->

Please reference ./app/example.env for environment variable setup.

Environment Variable Options

# Strelka connection information (OPTIONAL / HAS DEFAULTS).
STRELKA_HOST=<Strelka Hostname
STRELKA_PORT=<Strelka Port>
STRELKA_CERT=<Path to Certificate for Strelka (If needed)

# LDAP URL and credentials for search-bind auth (OPTIONAL).
CA_CERT_PATH=<Path To CA Certificates For LDAP>

# Folder where the build react app is served from  (OPTIONAL / HAS DEFAULTS).
# Requires the front end to be built (i.e. from /ui, run `npm run build`)

# Folder where the alembic migrations live  (OPTIONAL / HAS DEFAULTS).
MIGRATION_DIRECTORY=<SQLAlchemy Migrations Directory>

DATABASE_USERNAME=<Database User Name>
DATABASE_PASSWORD=<Database User Password>
DATABASE_HOST=<Database Hostname>
DATABASE_PORT=<Database Port>
DATABASE_DBNAME=<Name of Database>


The Strelka UI also provides API routes for user script based access. Please reference the below routes for details:

Authentication routes

  • [base url]/api/auth/login (POST)
  • [base url]/api/auth/logout (GET)

Strelka routes

  • [base url]/api/strelka/scans/stats (GET)
  • [base url]/api/strelka/scans/upload (POST, form-encoded)
  • [base url]/api/strelka/scans?page=?&per_page=? (GET)
  • [base url]/api/strelka/scans/[scan id] (GET)


The database uses as an ORM. Flask-Migrate is used to provide db migrations though Alembic. A helper script file,, is provided to assist with common database tasks.

If you are creating a new database, or modifying the current one, you must perform the following steps:

Generate a new migration from model changes:

  • python db migrate

Update the database using the current database configuration

  • python db upgrade

Application Details

The backend application is predominantly comprised of the following technologies:

The frontend UI is a React JS application created using React served from Flask. The UI uses the Antd library and Antd ProComponents, and routing is handled by React Router.

Strelka UI Dashboard Page

Strelka UI Dashboard Page

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Strelka UI and its associated code is released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

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