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An open source frontend application built using the React ⚛️ and Feature-Sliced Design 🍰.

This app is a work in progress. See the roadmap below.

  • React, Redux Toolkit, React Hook Form, Zod
  • Vite, TypeScript, Postcss
  • Feature Sliced

Live demo

About project

Right now, I’m using this project as an experiment polygon to try modern technologies and see how a can see frontend application in {CURRENT_YEAR}. This project structure combines clean architecture and feature sliced methodology.


  • Fully Typed (API adapters, catched error with type guards, form and env variables validators by zod)
  • Developing by Feature Sliced Design (Layers)
  • Fully API emulation with mswjs (all enpoints with JWT authorization)
  • Storybook stories
  • Best practice comments in code


App logic:

  • Add droduct page
  • Add ecom cart logic
  • Add ecom order logic
  • Add stock logic (available of products)


  • CSS Modules → Tailwind CSS
  • Redux Toolkit Query → React Query
  • Redux Toolkit → Zustand
  • Vite → NextJS in SPA mode


  • Move colors to css vars
  • Fix TODO into code
  • Fix FSD errors
  • Write storybook stories
  • Write article to my blog about main concepts
  • Add Dark theme
  • Add I18n
  • Add FSD public API pattern
  • Write screenshot tests for stories
  • Write Integration tests for user’s use cases

Running locally

  1. Install dependencies
npm install
  1. Copy .env.example to .env.local
cp .env.example .env.local
  1. Start Vite development server
npm start

or start Storybook stand

npm run storybook


Licensed under the MIT license.


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