An one-of-a-kind social network

Video demo

Here is a video demo for some of its features such as circle management, emoji reactions and post formatting


The project consists of an API server written in Python/Flask, and a web frontend written in JavaScript/React

The API server stores information in a MongoDB database, and it uses S3 additionally to store images and other types of media


  • Python 3.7+
  • Node.js v14 and Yarn
  • Docker and docker-compose

Start API and web development


You will see the web frontend at localhost:3000

The API will be running at localhost:5000

Dump dummy data into API

Make sure you have the API running

make dev-dump

Start API development alone

make dev-api

Start web development alone

make dev-web

Run API unit tests

make test


Please send security findings to [email protected]. If verified I'll personally thank you and give you some rewards.