Basic Sample React DApp Project

This project demonstrates a basic dApp development with React, Ethers.js, Solidity, and Hardhat. I wanted to show you how to build full stack Ethereum dapps using the most up to date resources, libraries, and tooling.

How to install and run

  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Set up keys.json file and install dependencies
cd hardhat-react-dapp
cp keys.example.json keys.json
npm install
  1. Set up .env file in react frontend directory, and install dependencies
cp env.example .env
npm install
  1. Run the app
    npm start

How to start local test network and deploy contract

  1. Start the local test node
cd hardhat-react-dapp
npx hardhat node
  1. Deploy the contract
npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network localhost
  1. Update src/App.js with the value of your contract address
  2. Run the app
cd frontend
npm start