Crayon is under development! ⭐ The following descriptions can be modified and it is unstable to use now.

A powerful blog generator

  • Simple and Light
  • Responsive design
  • Comments system using utterances
  • Code highlighter using react-syntax-highlighter
  • Classification using categories and tags
  • Sharing posts with read-only mode

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How to initialize

Using forking

  1. Fork this repository to your project.

  2. Install dependencies.

  3. Run crayon.

    yarn dev
  4. Now you are ready to make your own blog using crayon!

Using npx

  • WIP

How to config

  • You ONLY need to modify /data/configs folder on root for your blog configuration.

ㄴ site.json
ㄴ post.json (auto-generated)
  • After running your first crayon blog on local, there will be two json files.


  • You can set following variables as your site configuration.
    • name : Blog name
    • url : Blog domain where your blog will be deployed
    • port : Local port number where your blog will be run on server
    • commentRepo : (Optional) Repository for managing posts` comments


  • You don’t need to modify this file.
  • It will be generated automatically when your blog is built or started.

How to post

  • You ONLY need to modify /data/posts folder on root for blog posting.

  ㄴ /

  ㄴ /
  ㄴ /apple.png
  ㄴ /banana.png
  ㄴ /...

  ㄴ /
  ㄴ /...

  • Each post needs one folder with a unique id (folder name).
  • Its content can be written in markdown and it should be named as
  • Images for a post should be located in its post folder, or you can use external image links!

How to deploy

  • A blog genereated by crayon can not deployed as static files.
  • WIP

Ideas & Bugs

  • WIP


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