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This is my submission for the Helicarrier code challenge. It basically displays residents of different earths from the Rick and Morty API from here inspired by the Rick n’ Morty cartoon series.

Basically I decided to use Vite to generate my react app because it build much faster than the create-react-app package. This helped increase my productivity because I was able to view my progress instantly while building the application unlike when I develop react apps that are generated from the create-react-app package. For the API I settled on the Rick and Morty API since it was a nice go to API to be able to mock the functionality of my application. For the styling I settled for Tailwindcss because it enables me to write less css and focus on making the app to work with a nice UI.

For the search functionality, you can be able to search for a specific character say Rick and get all the ricks in different earths. For the filters I was not really ablr to get a hold of it because it was kinda challenging for me but I am learning how to implement in and will implement it in the solution.

? Homepage


Once you clone the project use this command to install all the necessary dependencies for the app to run locally.



To run the application you can fire up this command to view the app on localhost.

yarn dev


? Amos Nyaburi

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