By: Elliott Dombrowski, Justin Kemp, & Sadie Sial



AS A resident or visitor of Chicago, IL I would like to know where I should avoid parking in the 3rd largest metropolitan US City.
I WANT to be able to enter my location (via zip code or ward) to find seasonal parking restrictions throughout the year. If I am unsure of my ward number, I want to enter a local zip code to find my ward.
SO THAT I CAN park my car somewhere else and avoid being towed or fined by the city for not following such restrictions.

The City of Chicago is an amazing place but it is not without its shortcomings. While visiting popular attractions, venues, or even friends and colleagues, if you are driving you have a whole set of rules that simply do not exist outside of metropolitan areas. Your mileage may vary, pun fully intended, but utilizing an application like SWEPT 2.0 is able to help.

SWEPT 2.0 is a mobile-first, web application that informs users of where summer street sweeping and winter snow restrictive parking is. In the summer, vehicles must abide by a sweeping schedule in order to prevent fines and/or being toward the city street cleaning. In the winter, vehicles must not park in designated snow clearing areas for over 107 miles worth of all main streets throughout the city to also prevent such fines and towing. SWEPT can help users be aware of such restrictions and rules by conveniently placing all of these schedules and mandates conveniently in one spot. Users will be able to search while logged in or out, but only logged-in users will be able to save their searches for future references.

Getting Started

Technology Stack

The application was built using the MERN stack using MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js.

Client Server
apollo/client: ^3.5.6 apollo-server-express: ^2.12.0
chakra-ui/react: ^1.7.4 axios: ^0.24.0
axios: ^0.24.0 bcrypt: ^5.0.1
graphql: ^16.2.0 cors: ^2.8.5
jquery: ^3.6.0 dotenv: ^10.0.0
jwt-decode: ^3.1.2 express: ^4.17.2
luxon: ^UPDATE graphql: ^15.8.0
react: ^17.0.2 jquery: ^3.6.0
react-dom: ^17.0.2 jsonwebtoken: ^8.5.1
react-router-dom: ^5.2.0 mongoose: ^5.9.7
react-scripts: 5.0.0 stripe: ^8.197.0
web-vitals: ^2.1.3


  • How & where to download the program
  • any modifications needed to be made to files or folders

Executing program


Version History

SWEPT – v 1.0 Deployed App

v 1.0 Mobile Display
Initial Display Results Display
Screenshot-mobile-1 Screenshot-mobile-2
v 1.0 Desktop Display
Initial Display
Results Display




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