Team Name: Twilio Tech Titans


 Afreen Safdar    GitHub:
 Judith Liem      GitHub:
 Mushfika Raisa   GitHub:
 Ricardo Salcido  GitHub:
 Saleem Raes      GitHub:        

App Name: ToodleDo

After cloning or forking the repo, add the following files. These files will contain information unique to your Twilio Account.

In src/main, create new folder named resources, inside of that add application.yml
In src/main/ui, add api-server.js
In src/main/ui/src, add auth_config.json


Change number in NewTask.js
To run the project, you need to run in 2 places.

Run Springboot backend using Maven tab > Plugins > springboot:run command on DemoApplication file
Run React front end by cd src/main/ui
npm install
npm run dev


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