Emoji Picker

A friendly Emoji picker for Emojione written as a React component. It looks a little something like this, but is easily customized:


Install with your favorite package manager:

npm i emojione-picker --save
yarn add emojione-picker


The emoji strategy is read from a json file, as such you'll need to make sure
that the json-loader is included in
your loaders configuration, something like:

loaders: [
        test: /\.json$/,
        loader: "json-loader"


The module includes a transpiled version of the picker so you don't need
to run it through a JSX pipeline. Simply require the module like any other.

var EmojiPicker = require('emojione-picker');

<EmojiPicker onChange={function(data){
  console.log("Emoji chosen", data);
}} />

The module also includes CSS at css/picker.css which you can copy and edit or
ideally reference directly from within the node_modules directory. Let me know
if you're using this in production - i'd love to see it in action!


You can manually pass in a search term as a component prop to filter which
emoji's are displayed by default, for example:

<EmojiPicker search="smile" />

Or allow the user to search by passing a boolean true, this will enable a search
input within the picker:

<EmojiPicker search={true} />


Customize Categories

You can easily customize the category icons by passing in alternatives to the
component constructor. The emoji strings come from the shortname value in strategy.js.

var categories = {
  people: {
    title: 'People',
    emoji: 'smile'
  nature: {
    title: 'Nature',
    emoji: 'mouse'
  food: {
    title: 'Food & Drink',
    emoji: 'burger'

<EmojiPicker categories={categories} />


You can make the picker use a spritesheet, however this requires a little extra
work. Emojione settings can be passed into the Picker component as below.
Follow these instructions to load the correct
spritesheets into your page.

var settings = {
  imageType: 'png',
  sprites: true
<EmojiPicker categories={categories} emojione={settings} />

Content Security Policy

The picker uses react-virtualized, which creates an inlined style. Give the
picker a nonce and set Content-Security-Policy field in HTTP header
accordingly if your CSP requires this.

Content-Security-Policy: style-src: 'self' 'nonce-NONCE_GENERATED_WHEN_TRANSMITTING'


yarn install
yarn start

Open http://localhost:8080/examples in a browser to see a preview of the picker.