A hook that allows you to use tailwind class names as top level properties on react components. With an included Stack component which implements the hook and is provided for convenience. The example from the tailwind docs becomes:

import { Stack } from 'react-use-tailwind';

const App = () {
  return (
    <Stack as="h1" text-3xl font-bold underline>
      Hello world!

export default App;

In the Stack component flex is defaulted to true

Hook Usage

import React from 'react';

import useTailwind, { type TailwindPropsWithChildren } from 'react-use-tailwind';

interface MyTailwindComponentProps extends TailwindPropsWithChildren {}

const MyTailwindComponent: React.FC<MyTailwindComponentProps> = (tailwindProps) => {
  const [classNames, props] = useTailwind(tailwindProps);

  return (
    <div className={classNames} {...props} />

export default MyTailwindComponent;


  • Tailwind class names with illegal characters (::, /, etc) still have to be put into the classNames prop.
  • This is a naive implementation and uses a static array of tailwind class names, so the package size is bigger than it needs to be.


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