Coding Challenge#2 – Guess the color game

Coded in mobile via because my laptop is being repaired at the moment 🥲

The Problem

Create a react app game titled “Guess the color”. It will shows a block of color and three (3) buttons below the color block it with random color text in Hexa-Decimal format ex: #486def. If the selected button is correct it will show a text “Correct” otherwise “Bad Guess”, the game will only start a new game (show a new random color block) if the selected button is correct with a one (1) second delay.

The Solution

Use a set of React hooks for the random colors and to start the game. Create a color generator function using Math method and String manipulation to randomly create three (3) different color.

  • Use the useState hook to store the random generated colors and also to check if the selected button is correct or not.
  • Use the useEffect hook start a new game (display a new color) with a delay of one (1) second using setTimeout method.

The README on this page covers only the basic description for the challenge.


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