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This is a Reactjs project bootstrapped with Vitejs.

A Reactive Bible App developed with Reactjs & Mantine. Features include:

  • Light and Dark Mode.
  • Browser localstorage for saving app states and mode.
  • Robust autocomplete search with key stroke events.
  • Bible verse scroll-to-view feature.
  • Offline Bible passages.
  • Online Audio Bible.
  • Book, Chapter & Verse Navigation.
  • Prev & Next Chapter navigation.
  • Detailed tests included using react testing library and vitest.
  • And lots more.

Libraries used include:

  • Mantinejs
  • Tabler icons for react
  • Howler js as audio player
  • Zustand for state management
  • And lots more

Audio Bible streaming from Wordpocket

Get a preview at: reactive-bible.vercel.app

alt text

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Your feedback and contributions are welcome!


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