E-commerce Store

This is a sample e-commerce store built with React and Redux, using the react-router-dom library for client-side routing and axios for data fetching. It also includes Firebase authentication for user login and registration.


Home page displaying a banner with image slides and product list fetched from an external API Product detail page showing information about a specific product Cart page displaying the list of items added to the cart Login page for user authentication Persistent user authentication using Firebase Fully responsive design, optimized for desktop and mobile devices Getting started To get started with this project, you can clone the repository and install the dependencies by running:

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npm install After that, you can start the development server by running:


Copy code npm start The app should be available at http://localhost:3000.

To build the app for production, you can run:


Copy code npm run build This will create an optimized build in the build directory.


This project uses the following dependencies:

react and react-dom for building the user interface react-router-dom for client-side routing axios for data fetching redux and react-redux for state management @reduxjs/toolkit for simplified Redux setup firebase for user authentication


This project was built by [Your Name] as a sample e-commerce store. The product data is fetched from an external API and the images are taken from Unsplash.