Text → GPT → p5

A text to p5.js generative editor powered by GPT-3.5 ✨

  1. takes plain text prompts 📝
  2. makes an OpenAI GPT-3.5 call 🤖
  3. converts them into p5.js code 🌸
  4. displays the p5.js sketch 🖼️

It is also a sandbox environment for running p5.js (or any javascript code). You can make direct edits to the generated code, which re-runs the sketch immediately, similar to Glitch or Replit.

Under the hood

A Next.js full-stack app (React, Next API routes).

Node module(s):

  • react-codemirror
  • cors

Getting Started

To get started, clone the repository and install the necessary node modules.

npm install

Environment Variables

Make a copy of the .env.example file, rename it as .env. Enter your OpenAI API key. Specific instructions 5 & 6 here.

The example also includes a NEXT_PUBLIC_REMOTE_API_URL and WHITELISTED_DOMAINS, in case you want to fetch from another server.

Development, Build, Deploy

Next.js defaults. See package.json for commands. Both dev and production are on port 3000.

Acknowledgments 🙏


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