A multiplayer, worlde-inspired web app.



  • 100% TypeScript (including IAC via CDK)
  • Vite
  • React / Redux
  • AWS
    • AppSync
    • Dynamo
    • CDK
    • WAF
    • Lambda
    • S3 / CloudFront
    • ACM / R53
  • Bulma


  • Does not use an external authentication solution. Instead, players are given a token when they first create/join a game, which stays in local storage.
    • This app doesn’t support user permanence, so the above is sufficient.
  • Does not use AWS Amplify and jumps through some hoops to avoid it.
  • Does not use VTL for AppSync resolvers because they’re still pretty hard to write/test/debug.
  • Uses a single lambda (many handlers) for resolving all GraphQL queries.

The usage of GraphQL in this project isn’t idiomatic. Instead of having per-field resolvers, we just return the full response shape. This works well for this particular project because the complexity is low and the user access patterns were clearly defined up front. In exchange for these sins, we end up with a really trivial backend.


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