A simple and elegant checkbox tree for React.



Install the library using your favorite dependency manager:

yarn add react-checkbox-tree

Using npm:

npm install react-checkbox-tree --save

Note – This library makes use of Font Awesome styles and expects them to be loaded in the browser.

Include CSS

For your convenience, the library's styles can be consumed utilizing one of the following files:

  • node_modules/react-checkbox-tree/lib/react-checkbox-tree.css
  • node_modules/react-checkbox-tree/src/less/react-checkbox-tree.less
  • node_modules/react-checkbox-tree/src/scss/react-checkbox-tree.scss

Either include one of these files in your stylesheets or utilize a CSS loader:

import 'react-checkbox-tree/lib/react-checkbox-tree.css';

Render Component

A quick usage example is included below. Note that the react-checkbox-tree component is controlled. In other words, it is stateless. You must update its checked and expanded properties whenever a change occurs.

import React from 'react';
import CheckboxTree from 'react-checkbox-tree';

const nodes = [{
    value: 'mars',
    label: 'Mars',
    children: [
        { value: 'phobos', label: 'Phobos' },
        { value: 'deimos', label: 'Deimos' },

class Widget extends React.Component {
    constructor() {

        this.state = {
            checked: [],
            expanded: [],

    render() {
        return (
                onCheck={checked => this.setState({ checked })}
                onExpand={expanded => this.setState({ expanded })}

All node objects must have a unique value. This value is serialized into the checked and expanded arrays and is also used for performance optimizations.


Property Type Description Default
nodes array Required. Specifies the tree nodes and their children.
checked array An array of checked node values. []
disabled bool If true, the component will be disabled and nodes cannot be checked. false
expandDisabled bool If true, the ability to expand nodes will be disabled. false
expandOnClick bool If true, nodes will be expanded by clicking on labels. Requires a non-empty onClick function. false
expanded array An array of expanded node values. []
name string Optional name for the hidden <input> element. undefined
nameAsArray bool If true, the hidden <input> will encode its values as an array rather than a joined string. false
nativeCheckboxes bool If true, native browser checkboxes will be used instead of pseudo-checkbox icons. false
noCascade bool If true, toggling a parent node will not cascade its check state to its children. false
onlyLeafCheckboxes bool If true, checkboxes will only be shown for leaf nodes. false
optimisticToggle bool If true, toggling a partially-checked node will select all children. If false, it will deselect. true
showNodeIcon bool If true, each node will show a parent or leaf icon. true
onCheck function onCheck handler: function(checked) {} () => {}
onClick function onClick handler: function(clicked) {}. If set, it will be called when clicked on a node label. () => {}
onExpand function onExpand handler: function(expanded) {} () => {}

Node Properties

Individual nodes within the nodes property can have the following structure:

Property Type Description Default
label mixed Required. The node's label.
value mixed Required. The node's value.
children array An array of child nodes. null
className string A className to add to the node. null
disabled bool Whether the node should be disabled. false
icon mixed A custom icon for the node. null
showCheckbox bool Whether the node should show a checkbox. true