map of the game

This repo contains two things:

  • A simple RPG-like environment for an LLM-enabled AI Agent to exist in
  • A simple AI Agent connected to the OpenAI API to exist in that environment

It is intended as a proof of concept.


GPTRPG is intended to be run locally. To run:

  1. Make sure you have updated the agent/.env.json file with your OpenAI API key.
  2. Only tested with node 16.19.0
  3. In the gptrpg directory run npm install to install dependencies for all projects.
  4. Then run npm start in the root directory. This will start the agent and the front-end. The front-end will be available at http://localhost:3000.

The Environment

Code for the environment lives in the ui-admin directory. It is a React project.

The environment was made with Tiled map editor. The files live in ui-admin/src/assets.

The environment is rendered with Phaser and the Grid Engine Plugin

The environment consists of:

  • The character (agent)
  • Impassable tiles
  • A plant layer with “plantable” tiles, and plants (not currently in use by agent). Player can plant food on plantable tiles with S key and harvest food with D key.

The Agent

Code for the agent lives in the agent directory.

The agent is a simple AI agent that uses the OpenAI API to make decisions. It communicates with the front-end via a websocket.

The agent is provided with a list of possible actions, the state of its surroundings, and its internal state (currently only sleepiness is measured).

Upcoming features

  • Multi agent support
  • More agent actions (drink, eat, plant food, harvest food, write poetry, etc.)
  • More agent states (hunger, thirst, etc.)
  • Agent memory
  • Agent goals
  • Agent inventory
  • Deployment to web
  • Human controlled character
  • UI enhancements (agent state, human interactions, etc.)


Currently, GPTRPG runs with the gpt-3.5-turbo API.


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