FarmOre is a farmer-friendly website that provides items from categories such as fruits and vegetables, groceries, seeds and fertilizers, and farm equipments, from one farm to another, building a connection between one and the other farmer(s) and bridging the gap between consumers and farmers. FarmOre aims in innovating the traditional Supply Chain system and introducing Tech in the Field of Agriculture which not only will reduce the wastage of Farm Products like Vegetables, Fruits, etc and also build a trust between an User and Farmer. Farmore is not only intended for the use of buyers but also for Farmers to buy various Farm Equipments, Pesicides and other required Items. We offer a live search feature so that users can browse a predetermined selection of products to find the ones they need. Each product has a comprehensive description and the name of the farm or business that is eager to sell it. Moreover, an online shopping cart feature keeps track of all the items the user intends to buy. We have also introduced a blog section where they can find numerous articles about farming and its varied practices. They would gain in-depth knowledge of the studies being conducted in their particular fields and access to the newest technologies that they could apply to increase yield.

Our website uses React framework along with Strapi headless CMS, which allows a multi-database support and provides a marketplace plugins along with customizable API calls while the blog website uses React Framework, HTML for code structuring and CSS for styling.

Run the following commands in the terminal to use this app locally.

Before that, please install some basic pre-requisites!

then run following commands. STEP 1 – Cloning the project locally

    git clone https://github.com/ChaitanyaD48/FarmOre-deploy.git
    cd FarmOre-deploy


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You can always open an issue if you have any questions or open a discussion. Thanks for using FarmOre!


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