A simple React gif-search app ?

A little app that consumes the GYPHY API, and search gifs.

I’ve made this to practice REACT v18 following an excercise from an Udemy course.

It’s done using VITE and YARN

I added extra functionality like a delete button, wich calls a click event and use the name of the category clicked in order to filter it out from the componnent state.This performs a re-rendering of the page without that category.

Also,the input has a basic character length validation. It can`t be empty.

  • In case you want to try it: https://reactgifsearch.netlify.app/
  • In case you wan to explore the code, remember that you will need to install Yarn .Then In your Vscode terminal write “yarn” in order to install all the used dependencies.

Thanks for reading ?


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