Cheeseburger Menu

This component provides the sliding menu only, not the hamburger button. For your button I'd suggest react-hamburger-menu.


Cheeseburger Menu has two required props, isOpen and closeCallback, plus a number of optional props described below. Your content should go inside as child components.

closeCallback will be called when the user taps out of the menu, or when they slide it closed.


import CheeseburgerMenu from 'cheeseburger-menu'


<CheeseburgerMenu isOpen={this.state.menuIsOpen} closeCallback={this.closeMenu}>
  <div className="my-menu-content">
      <li><Link to="/thing1" onClick={this.closeMenu}>Menu item 1</Link></li>
      <li><Link to="/thing2" onClick={this.closeMenu}>Menu item 2</Link></li>

Optional props

name type default description
right bool false If true, menu will slide in from the right (default is left)
transitionTime number 0.3 Slide in/out duration in seconds
topOffset number or string 0 Distance between the top of the viewport and the top of the menu (if you want the menu to appear beneath your header). Can be a number (of pixels) or any valid CSS length, e.g. '2em'.
bottomOffset number or string 0 Same as topOffset but for the bottom
width number 300 Menu width in pixels
backgroundColor string 'white' Background color for the menu
noShadow bool false If true, there will be no shadow at the edge of the menu
skewY number 0 Vertical skew in degrees
className, overlayClassName, outerClassName, innerClassName, shadowClassName string undefined Props for adding classes to the various elements

Additional custom styling can be done with CSS.